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Registration fees

Registration fees11 November 2021 – 11 April 2022 (Authors only)11 November 2021 – 11 May 202212 May 2022 – 30 June 2022
University of Porto Undergraduate Students

50.00 €

100.00 €
Accompanying Persons

120.00 €

170.00 €
University of Porto PhD Students

200.00 €

200.00 €

250.00 €
FAUP’s Professors and Researchers

200.00 €

200.00 €

250.00 €
Scientific Committee Members

300.00 €

300.00 €

350.00 €
SIS-Symmetry or Aproged Members

300.00 €

300.00 €

350.00 €
Participants (none of the above)

350.00 €

350.00 €

400.00 €
  1. Registration Fee A requires an official confirmation of the Student’s enrollment in 2021/2022.
  2. Registration Fee A includes the participation in all the sessions and coffee-breaks. Registration Fees C to G include all of these plus lunches, the Congress Proceedings in printed form and the Social Program.
  3. Registration Fee B only includes the Social Program. If the accompanying person intends to participate in the Congress, he/she/they should choose Registration Fee G.
  4. Participants whose contributions come to be accepted for presentation can only choose between Registration Fees C, D, E, F or G and must pay their registration until 11 April 2022.
  5. To the Authors whose contribution comes to be accepted for presentation, the Organizing Committee will provide a formal invitation to attend the Congress.
  6. The Organizing Committee cannot provide funding for traveling and lodging expenses.
  7. Registration for Authors (or at least, one of the Authors of each submission) is mandatory.
  8. Registration Fee F for SIS-Symmetry’s members requires that membership fees are paid until 2022. If you are not sure of your situation, please contact Dénes Nagy, the President of SIS-Symmetry, through this e-mail address.
  9. Registration Fee F for Aproged’s associates requires that membership fees of 2022 have been paid prior to registration. More information is found here.
  10. A registration is considered complete when the participant receives an e-mail from Aproged’s Treasurer or the Organizing Committee, confirming the registration’s payment.
  11. Registrations between 12 May and 30 June 2022 do not include the Social Program.
  12. All participants must present a valid proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to attend the Congress. (see update in Coronavirus Restrictions)
  13. The Organizing Committee will not accept Participants whose registration is paid by governmental institutions of the Russian Federation (see the Organizing Committee’s Statement on this subject).

Registration payment:

We recommend that registration fees are paid according to the following schedule:

Authors of submissions accepted for presentation (Registration fees C to G)21 February to 11 April 2022
Non-Authors (Registration fees A to G) who register until the 11th May11 February to 11 May 2022
Non-Authors (Registration fees A to G) who register from 11 May to 30 June 12 May to 30 June 2022
Registration fees should be paid to:
APROGED – Associação dos Professores de Geometria e de Desenho
Rua Major David Magno, 139
4000-191 Porto, Portugal
Tax Identification Number: 503489743
Registration payment options:
Bank Transfer (preferable for European residents)
Bank account’s name: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Bank account’s address: Rua Barros Lima, 920. 4300 – 061 Porto Portugal
IBAN: PT50 0035 0310 00029344730 38
Please send information about the bank transfer to

Cancellation policy for authors of submissions accepted for presentation

The payment of the registration fee by authors (or corresponding authors, in collective contributions) willing to participate in the Congress must occur until 11 April 2022. If an author wishes to withdraw the submission, he/she/they will be reimbursed (excluding any applicable taxes) if, until 21 April 11 2022 (GMT), an e-mail is sent to, informing the Organizing Committee of that intention.

Cancellation policy for non-authors:

If a participant wishes to withdraw his/her/their registration , the fee will be reimbursed (excluding any applicable taxes) if, until May 11, 2022 (GMT), an e-mail is sent to, informing the Organizing Committee of that intention.

Coronavirus Restrictions

We are attentively monitoring the situation around the world in relation to Covid-19, and ready to adapt to the conditions of the time in which the Congress will take place. From May 2022 onward, we will announce updated information for the participants who wish to travel to Portugal.

To attend the Congress in-person, each participant must show valid proof of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 and, when applicable, an updated EU Digital COVID Certificate.

UPDATE 01: From 23 April 23, 2022, onwards and until further notice, masks are not mandatory to attend indoor events in Portugal. Therefore, it is no longer required to show proof of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 to attend the Congress.

UPDATE 02: Please check this webpage or the website of the Embassy of your country in Portugal to know the current situation before traveling to Portugal.

Remote or in-person participation modes

In the light of recent events, the Organizing Committee has decided to announce the possibility of remote participation for all those who wish to participate in the 12th SIS-Symmetry Congress and cannot travel to Porto.
Since this Congress was not conceived as a hybrid event, the activities of the Social Program cannot be included in this participation mode. Nonetheless, we are making sure we have the technical requirements to ensure that all participants, regardless of their situation, have the best conditions possible, including an active participation in the debate sessions.

Participants who have not registered until 06 April 2022 can choose the preferred participation mode in the last question of the registration form.

  1. Dénes Nagy, Hungary.
  2. João Pedro Xavier, Portugal.
  3. Vera Viana, Portugal.
  4. Ana Neiva, Portugal.
  5. Luís Mateus, Portugal.
  6. Marco Ginoulhiac, Portugal.
  7. Pedro Varela, Portugal.
  8. Günter Weiss, Austria.
  9. Anne Weiss-Torjussen, Austria.
  10. Ivana Vasiljević, Serbia.
  11. Ratko Obradović, Serbia.
  12. Maria Zack, United States of America.
  13. Cornelie Leopold, Germany.
  14. Peter Revesz, United States of America.
  15. João Cepeda, Portugal.
  16. Luigi Cocchiarella, Italy.
  17. Francesca Scherillo, Italy.
  18. Filipe Magalhães, Portugal.
  19. Albert van der Schoot, the Netherlands.
  20. Dorise Martin, the Netherlands.
  21. Ana Luísa Soares, Portugal.
  22. S Alireza Behnejad, United Kingdom.
  23. Caspar Schwabe, Japan.
  24. Carlota Simões, Portugal.
  25. Carol Bier, United States of America.
  26. Jerrold Cooper, United States of America.
  27. Adi Hamer Yacobi, Israel.
  28. Hans Smessaert, Belgium.
  29. Mustafa Cem Gunes, Turkey.
  30. Juan Carlos Olivier, Spain.
  31. Clara Pimenta do Vale, Portugal.
  32. Andreia Hall, Portugal.
  33. João Nunes, Portugal.
  34. Marcin J. Schroeder, Japan.
  35. Yuki Ishizaki, Japan.
  36. Eugene Katz, Israel.
  37. Cosimo Monteleone, Italy.
  38. Joana Ribeiro, Portugal.
  39. Nuno Bastos, Portugal.
  40. Takashi Yoshino, Japan.
  41. Barbara Setsu Pickett, United States of America.
  42. Antonia Redondo Buitrago, Spain.
  43. Eszter Hajós-Baku, Hungary.
  44. Irina Delusina, United States of America.
  45. Patricia Laura Muñoz, Argentina.
  46. Mohammadmahdi Alizadeh, Portugal.
  47. Kazuki Sugiyama, Japan.
  48. Ghil‘ad Zuckermann, Australia.
  49. Kenneth Verosub, United States of America.
  50. Natália Bebiano, Portugal.
  51. Ted Goranson, Australia.
  52. Werner Van Hoeydonck, Austria.
  53. Alda Carvalho, Portugal.
  54. Carlos Pereira dos Santos, Portugal.
  55. Lynn Arnold, Australia.
  56. Alejandro Lund Petersen, Argentina.
  57. Michael Burt, Israel.
  58. James Durn, United Kingdom.
  59. Tamara Burt, Israel.
  60. Valéria Inkler, Hungary.
  61. Jean-Yves Baziau, Brazil.