Statement on Ukraine

Statement of the Organizing Committee on the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation

The war inflicted by the Government of the Russian Federation since 24 February 2022 is an unacceptable attack on the fundamental rights of freedom, democracy, and self-determination of the people living in Ukraine, with whom we stand in firm solidarity. We extend our solidarity to all our Ukrainian and Russian colleagues who are horrified by the invasion of Ukraine and hope the severe damages imposed on the lives and freedom of everyone affected by this tragedy may soon be reestablished.

Given this atrocious situation caused by the government of the Russian Federation, participants whose registration is financed by Russian governmental institutions will not be accepted to the 12th Symmetry Congress. The Organizing Committee is aware of the impact of this position. Although this decision is not politically driven nor addressed to a specific individual or nationality, it aims to express our absolute condemnation for any act of war, regardless of the country involved.